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About Me

Kerry is a fully qualified Massage Specialist who uses her experience to benefit everyone from the sedentary office worker to athletes.

“I became seriously interested in sport approximately 20 years ago when I started karate. By the age of 8 I trained three times per week and by 12, Karate had become a way of life for me, training six times per week. I was honored to achieve my 1st Dan Black Belt and train with some fantastic people who will always have a special place in my heart.

Many of my karate instructors were qualified in sports massage and I was privileged to experience the benefits of regular sports massages. This allowed my training to go from strength to strength. I have worked in the leisure and fitness industry for 12 years now. Alongside working in the leisure industry I trained as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports massage therapist and G.P referral specialist which allowed me to then progress to becoming a gym manager.

Over the years I have seen many people leave the gym because of injuries, but knowing that with the right treatment they could return to their training, made me put knowledge to use and start my sports massage clinics.

My main passion is helping clients achieve their goals by working on the body to alleviate pain and prepare their body for action. As a former competitive athlete, I understand the importance of sports specific rehabilitation in helping a person back to full fitness.

Since I started my clinic I have developed my skills and have specialized in certain areas such as pregnancy massage , fertility massage and digestive massage which I thoroughly enjoy”.


Fitness Qualifications:
CYQ Level 2 Gym instructor
CYQ Level 2 Exercise to music
CYQ Level 2 Circuits instructor
CYQ Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management
CYQ Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
CYQ Level 3 Advanced Programming
CYQ Level 3 Resistance Training Programmes
CYQ Level 3 Cardiovascular Programmes
CYQ Level 3 General Populations
CYQ Level 3 Sports Conditioning
CYQ Level 3 Client Appraisal
CYQ Level 3 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge
Wright Foundation Referral Programme Consultant

Massage Qualifications:
CYQ Level 2 Sport and Fitness Therapies
CYQ Level 3 Swedish Massage
ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Abdominal Sacral Massage

Other information:
Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Completed (as a Karate Instructor)
Fully Insured