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Fertility Massage

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kerry for all her help and kindness over the last few months.

i suffer from enodometriosis and my husband has a low sperm count due to a reversed vasectomy. We decided to try for the 4th and last time to do an IVF(ICSI) treatment and found that Kerry did fertility massages so thought we would give it a go, we both had 2 treatments before egg collection, we got 16 eggs in all and 11 of them fertilized. From them i had 2 eggs returned and 4 eggs frozen which we have never had before, I’m now 17 weeks pregnant, at my 8 week scan the doctor commented that in the 5 years he had been seeing me my ovaries had never looked so good, 13 weeks before that there had been 2 cysts on my ovaries and now there was only 1 which was a lot smaller then before and we also found that my husband sperm was of a better quality then before.

so again Kerry thank you so much for everything and thank you for checking up on us to see how we’re doing.


Ladies out there who suffer with endometriosis – like I do- I cannot recommend Kerry enough! the massage therapy she offers is brilliant. I thought I would be getting by day by day with painkillers, depression and lying in bed…until I found Kerry. I’m not exaggerating when I say she has changed my day to day life and me. Every session I have with Kerry I feel ‘normal/ me’ again and its a great feeling. I rarely have pain any more and my periods are A LOT better to cope with. Kerry offers a very professional and relaxed atmosphere and she really cares about how you’re feeling and how you are. You make think its all make believe but I am being honest when I say all this. please don’t suffer in silence, massage therapy really helps!! I will continue with Kerry for as long as I need too as I couldn’t dream of going anywhere else.


Another fantastic session with the lovely Kerry Elm-Wood Massage-Clinic. My endometriosis is becoming much more bearable to live with and I am now living nearly almost pain free. I am feeling happier, better and more like myself. I am so glad I was recommended Kerry at Elm Wood Massage Clinic and I cannot recommend her enough personally myself!! Thank you for listening, understanding and helping me. I cannot thank you enough xx


This is a slow, deep abdominal massage that realigns the uterus, reproductive and abdominal organs.

The techniques encourage many important factors such as general well being, relaxation but most of all decreasing scarring, pelvic adhesions and increasing the function of the reproductive organs.

Many studies have shown links between stress and infertility in females. By reducing stress through specific massage, you can improve your chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant. The journey to pregnancy can be an extremely stressful one. Prolonged stress and anxiety can interfere with getting pregnant. This can be due to high stress levels disrupting the hormonal system, thus affecting ovulation timing, cervical mucus production, and implantation in women.

Fertility massage is designed not only to increase the flow of blood to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, but also to increase a sense of well being, strengthen the immune system, balance hormones, and improve the health of the lymphatic system. The result of all this is increased chances of conceiving a baby. These techniques can also treat medical conditions such as PCOS (please see below)

Benefits of Fertility Massage:

• Promotes a regular menstrual cycle and hormonal balance
• Decreases cramps & blood clots
• Improves ovarian function, egg quality, and ovulation naturally
• Helps to increase quantity and quality of cervical mucous
• Improves the quality of the menstrual flow
• Helps endometriosis
• Resolves blocked fallopian tubes
• Helps reposition a tilted uterus
• Treats cases of PCOS
• Assists women with unexplained infertility
• Strengthens the internal reproductive organs
• Helps detoxification

If you suffer with any of the above symptoms/ conditions please click here to find out how we can help you.


To gain greatest benefits, 5-6 treatments is often recommended, although the ideal number of sessions differs from person to person. You may prefer to purchase a treatment package, which saves you money and ensures that you get regular treatment slots.