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★★★★★ *fertility massage* After 2 years of no luck.. I was told about this treatment… After seeing Kerry for the massages for 3 months.. I finally fell, and now have the baby I longed for in my arms! Totally recommend this treatment!!

*pregnancy massage* During my pregnancy I really suffered with my legs, which Kerry sorted out for me and I could finally get some sleep!

*acupuncture* very relaxing treatment to have while I was pregnant.. Helped with my neck, upper and lower back and my feet.. Loved it. Can not recommend Kerry’s treatments enough! lovely lady who I now call a friend xxx

I had started to believe I would never get to say this, but we are thrilled to announce we are expecting another member of Team***** in May 2015!!! I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us over the longest and toughest 3 years, those of you who listened to me, complain, whine, and most importantly those of you who wiped away the many tears!! I truly believe this is down to an amazing girl and her profession of fertility massage! Kerry Elm-Wood Massage-Clinic is not only a fab lady but also incredibly professional and of course in my eyes a miracle worker! She is amazing!!! Thank you all!!!!!! You were not only a part of it!! It’s because of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a very clever lady! More people should see you before resorting to ivf.

From moment you arrive, Kerry greets you with a smile you know you are in safe hands!

Kerry has been treating issues with my back probably for the past 18 months and after every visit instantly feels better. As soon as i feel a niggle i will instantly book an appointment (Have to book in advance as so popular) because i know it will only get worse until it is fixed.

I view Kerry the same way that i view my tattooist- once you find someone you trust, who has a passion for their job and the skills to match you wont go else where!

Thank you once again for fixing my back again today, as soon as i walked to my car i felt no pain.

Until the next time.


Work undertaken was for trapped nerves around upper back/traps. Very professional, friendly and unrushed. Would definitely recommend to others.

Stu Allen,
East Sussex.

Kerry is a miracle worker. I have recommended her to a number of people and they all echo my sentiments. Genius is often overused but Kerry deserves this accolade.

Carole Whittaker,

I first saw Kerry’s advert over a year ago now, and initially went for a remedial massage, which was fantastic, and I was extremely impressed with her wealth of knowledge and great massages. My partner followed suit, and started visiting Kerry for treatment on his back, which he had suffered with for many years, and my eldest son, who is heavily into running, found Kerry’s treatment a great aid to his fitness and progress. I run my own Company, from which I pay for a healthcare scheme for all my staff, who are entitled to an assortment of healthy well being treatments yearly; I have recommended Kerry to all my employees, some of whom have already benefited from her experience, and have been extremely satisfied. I would recommend Kerry to anybody, as she is a great sports masseur, extremely professional, with a great deal of knowledge in her business.

Miss T.D.Robertson,
Managing Director of Ovenmill Ltd

I ride a motorcycle daily for work and train with aim to continue motorcycle racing competitively.

I had incurred a shoulder injury whilst weight training, continued to train using pain killers and subsequently made injury much worse with additional injury to nerves in arm and elbow which left me un-able to work for a week or so, not even being able to use a key board.

After consultation with Kerry and then a short coarse of treatments, and encouragement from Kerry, i have been able to return to work and training once again using advice given.

Simon Tomlinson,
East Sussex

Working a very stressful full-time plus job in the critical care unit of an NHS hospital I find that regular massage treatment with Kerry gets the knots out of my neck & shoulder muscles, helps me unwind after immersion in harrowing emotional ordeals, and is invaluable for regaining a normal sleep pattern after night shifts on call. I can certainly recommend this to anyone facing similar unavoidable stresses and strains.

East Sussex

From seeing my GP who suggested that I give up football and running due to knee problems, I visited Kerry for an assessment. Kerry was able assist me and within a short number of visits I was able to run again and most of all play football. Her advice as well as understanding of sport and the impact on the body has been invaluable. When I pick up an injury, then Kerry is the first person I contact. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Tim Bourne,

Kerry offered a very friendly but professional experience, quickly diagnosing more problems than I could explain myself and providing effective treatment.

Paul Denne,
East Sussex

I just wanted to write and let you know how much better I feel for the massage. I have seen at least 3 osteopaths and two GPs who have not been able to solve the neuralgia, but within only a couple of sessions with Kerry, the problem has gone! I am sleeping so much better and no longer wake with the headaches I suffered in the past and I no longer need to take the pain killers – I can’t thank her enough.


Elm Wood Massage Clinic, is one of my sponsors which I’m proud to say. I went to receive treatment because I train 6 days a week twice a day currently and my body feels the strains of this, Kerry offered me amazing treatment which I felt the effects of after my first session and it greatly helped me. She was very quick at finding what was causing me pain and discomfort and began treatment immediately in a comfortable and professional environment.

Dinko Pehlic,
Professional MMA Fighter, East Sussex

I went to see Kerry after being told that i had arthritis in my right knee, pain killers weren’t working and i had heard of Kerry through the rugby club i coach at. I was in a great deal of pain and believed no one could help me.

Whilst examining my knee, Kerry found that the far bigger problem was a tightening of my calf muscle which caused my knee to become misaligned. Even after the 1st session a dramatic improvement took place and i was able to reduced the number of painkillers i took.

Now, several sessions down the line I am more or less pain free due and able to exercise again due to Kerrys’ expertise and her advice on gentle exercises relevant to my problem. Would I recommend her to anyone? Oh yes. I have and I do. So much so that I have bought people her gift certificates as presents.

Andy Smith,

Thank you so much for the treatment, I felt completely relaxed. I will definitely be coming back for more.


The treatment really helped with my on-going shoulder problem and I will certainly book in again at your clinic on a regular basis.

East Sussex

I’ve used Kerry for the last year to help recover from intense training sessions & build strength in my muscles.

I would defiantly recommend her to anyone suffering with aching muscles! Professional service with great prices.


Kerry has provided valuable support to my gymnastics club, offering effective and affordable treatments to gymnasts through a professional and friendly service. Kerry has become our top recommendation for club members who may encounter overuse injuries or need to rehabilitate from injuries. Anyone from our club of participants across a range of ages returns with improvements and positive comments. Some of the parents and coaches are also making use of her fantastic services!

Matthew Hart,