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Miss T.D. Robertson

I first saw Kerry’s advert over a year ago now, and initially went for a remedial massage, which was fantastic, and I was extremely impressed with her wealth of knowledge and great massages. My partner followed suit, and started visiting Kerry for treatment on his back, which he had suffered with for many years, and my eldest son, who is heavily into running, found Kerry’s treatment a great aid to his fitness and progress. I run my own Company, from which I pay for a healthcare scheme for all my staff, who are entitled to an assortment of healthy well being treatments yearly; I have recommended Kerry to all my employees, some of whom have already benefited from her experience, and have been extremely satisfied. I would recommend Kerry to anybody, as she is a great sports masseur, extremely professional, with a great deal of knowledge in her business.

Miss T.D.Robertson
Managing Director of Ovenmill Ltd